In this one on one coaching relationship, I work with you in individual sessions aiming to improve your performance and raise your leadership skills.
Become an Authentic, Powerful and Inspirational leader.
Programs available:
1. Know Yourself, 12 sessions program.
2. Peak Performance, 16 sessions program.
3. Reinvent Yourself, 24 sessions program.
4. Executive Coaching, taylormade for companies. 

My approach to personal coaching is being a friend and a guide. see more

The benefits include:
- Productivity increase
- Leadership skills improvement
- Maximize talent retention
- More commitment and empathy for employees
- Greater communication between leaders and teams

I remind you that I am a mirror for you to recognise your greatness, allowing you to discover, possess and set free your true potential.
Some examples of subjects covered on one on one coaching are:

- Developing leadership skills.
- Creating recruitment and retention strategies, customer service, time management, strategic thinking, team building, marketing, and sales.
- Being a test subject for strategies, big changes or new ideas, before announcing them to colleagues, associates, and partners. I have worked with entrepreneurs, executives and consultants to help them achieve self-confidence, inspiration, emotional mastery, focus and conscience of who they are, and enjoy that knowledge to fulfil their vision and great goals.

I have more than 20 years of professional experience as an executive and entrepreneur. As a Coach, I have a Robbins Madanes Center (USA) certification, which is the official school of Tony Robbins, the world’s number one in coaching.

PS: Metrix Global and Pricewaterhousecoopers studies show that who does Executive Coaching has a return of investment between 500 and 700%. This is why 75% of Fortune500’s CEO’s have a Coach who is external to the enterprise.



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