20-hour Program.

“Do you want to reinvent your business? The first step is to reinvent yourself …”
Whether you are a microbusiness entrepreneur, the leader of a small or medium business, or if you are thinking about starting your own business, you are about to learn some of the best techniques, ideas and strategies that have contributed to the exponential growth of a number of businesses, as they watched the competition struggle to gain market share. see more

As a complement (and many would say the most important) the program is designed to enable you to develop the psychology and mentality required to achieve success and fulfilment in almost any circumstance, situation or economic climate.

Success and fulfilment can be two completely different things. If you build up the right psychology first, success and personal fulfilment can come together in a journey filled with enthusiasm, challenge, and joy where the essence of who we are comes up and makes us live fully!

Because you want to understand why a business fails, learn the success factors, master the key skills for success, set a clear strategy for the next few years and a 12-month action plan for business growth.
An intensive 20-hour program, divided into 3 parts. The first part is on Mindset, the second on the Master Skills for success, the third on the 12-month Action Plan. It is a face-to-face program and very interactive, with several practical exercises. It can also be done for one company only, inside the company or elsewhere.

You will certainly be a different person. You can bring your current business to a higher level. You can make a strategy for a new business and if you do not, you will certainly be less informed than the people who did the program, especially if they are your competitors.



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