“My name is Raul Gomes and I am the creator of REBORN.

I have more than 20 years of work experience, whether as an entrepreneur or as a specialist and consultant in Strategy and Marketing & Sales, areas where I worked for 15 years in the real estate, construction, and tourism sectors.
In recent years, I specialized in Personal Development.

In this process I had the blessing of training, practicing and working with some of the best professionals in the world in their respective areas of work, like Tony Robbins, Peter Sage, Joe Dispenza or Errol Abramson. They have worked with and guided famous personalities in the business world, politics, media, sports and other areas, in addition to thousands of anonymous people like me.

From this intersection of experiences I had with these great professionals, with proven results all over the world, I created the Reborn method.

I want to be able to help you achieve RESULTS, reach the success you want in your life and that you richly deserve. Getting results and success in business, having health and vitality, having money, having strong relationships, mastering emotions, and always evolving as a person so that you can faster become the best version of yourself!”