Throughout my work life, whether as an entrepreneur or as a marketing and strategy director, I realised that what torments entrepreneurs more in everyday life is a group of situations, perceptions, thoughts, and emotions, such as:

  •  “I have to play different roles in business (owner, manager, technician, marketing and sales director) at the same time and I feel overwhelmed.”
  • “Business controls me instead of me controlling it.”
  • “I can’t achieve the business goals or increase sales.”
  • “I can’t achieve my life goals.”
  • “I feel a lot of stress every day.”
  • “Stress origins serious illnesses and early death.”
  • “I can’t increase productivity.”
  • “I have a lack of focus.”
  • “I don’t have enough time.”
  • “I don’t feel fulfiled.”
  • “I wanna succeed.”
  • “I don’t know my life’s purpose.”
  • “I want to know myself better.”

I could continue listing examples, but I think you get the idea. These are facts because I experienced it and lived it! Besides, every time I share this thoughts and emotions board with business people and entrepreneurs, everyone agrees that it is a common pattern.

I firmly believe, from my own experience and everything I saw, studied, and from all the clues of successful people that people only evolve in their work, that is, they will only get better results in their work, from the moment they change themselves.
Otherwise, what happens?
By doing everything the same way, they will get the same results! Do you agree?

Albert Einstein, who was a very intelligent person, said:
“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

Tony Robbins, the nº1 coach in the world, says:
“Changing an organization, a company, a country – or a world – begins with the simple step of changing yourself.”   This brings us to the subject I am approaching in this newsletter which is the subject of thoughts.   If I ask 100 people “How many of you believe in the idea that the way we think influences and has an effect on our lives? That thoughts create reality?”
Probably all 100 people will raise their hands and claim they believe.
However, if after that I ask something like: “How many of you here today woke up this morning and consciously created a future, that is, programmed their thoughts?” Maybe just 1 or 2 people will raise their hands.

And you know why? Because in reality, people do not believe in the idea that thoughts directly influence our life.

It has been proven by several studies of personal development teachers and referenced by many personalities, that to gain success, you need 80% mentality, the way of thinking, and 20% skills.   The most frequent thoughts and emotions that most people have in a day or a week are, unfortunately, the negative emotions and we have 60 to 70 thousand thoughts per day, where 90% are the same as the day before.

Some examples of those thoughts and emotions are:  
1. The destructive and unacceptable Fear of failure or not being good enough.
2. The painful and destructive Guilt.
3. The inappropriate and debilitating Stress.
4. The consistent, blocking and stupid Procrastination.

And these emotions and thoughts lived every day become Beliefs and perceptions, like:
  • “I never have enough time”
  • “Life is too hard”
  • “I have to work hard to succeed”
  • “I am not creative”
  • “I need 8 hours sleep"
This way, when people are in these states of stress, anxiety, and concern, it so happens that they are in an egocentric state! They are essentially thinking about themselves.
Only when they transcend the stress hormones, can they reach an ethnocentric, altruistic state (where they are more focused on others), and in this state, they are prone to serve, create and educate.
It’s a state where they feel as one with everything and everyone and not apart from everything and everyone.
Us human beings can do what we want if we switch our way of thinking, changing thoughts and emotions of the program we are used to and that is installed in our brain.
95% of the brain is unconscious, that means it’s the program, and only 5% is conscious.

But this software, this program, the 95%, can be altered!
In several ways, some more complicated than others. I like to simplify and that’s how I do my job.
I am going to suggest you 2 simple ways for you to start changing the program:

- 1st you start by changing your thoughts and emotions, consciously. This means you should be aware of your thoughts and be the observer of your thoughts and emotions.
It requires training obviously; it is like going to the gym, how long does it take for the muscles to grow? It surely does not take a week.

- The 2nd way is to live in the moment, the Now.
All the stress that people suffer from has 2 origins, either they are living in the past or they are concerned about the future!
Imagine a timeline, where you are is the Now, to your left there is the past and to your right, there is the future.

If I ask you now, at this moment, “do you have a problem at the moment?”
Unless you are in the middle of a fire, I don’t think there is a problem right now.

If you can master these 2 simple techniques, you can change your life!

I suggest you do the following exercise:
For a week, try to be the observer of your thoughts and only allow those you want to have. If you have some unwanted thoughts, it’s okay. In this stage what matters is that you are aware and conscious of that. And continue practicing.
Also try to use the technique of living the now, in the moment. For as long as you can every day.
By the end of 7 days, please send me your feedback about using these 2 techniques in your everyday life. Please send the email to

If you want a different future, you have to change the installed program!

And never forget the following:
“Your personal reality, that is, your life is created by your personality!”
And the personality is how you think, feel and act.