What is success?

Surely, we would all give a different answer to this question. And which one is wrong and which is right?
Does success mean the same thing to me as it means to you?
Maybe not!

For many years – in fact, almost all of my life – I thought that to feel successful I would have to possess many things:

Have a lot of money, have a degree, skills above average, good cars, assets, be recognised and important, have a spectacular home, a beautiful woman!

Then when I would arrive at that place (success), I would feel successful! And supposedly feel happier, more powerful, and fulfilled.

I made my personal and professional path searching for this success: I studied hard, I worked hard, I gave my all to my work, I reached the top company wise (as an employee), then I created 3 different businesses as an entrepreneur… but I always thought there was something missing. When I had victories in this journey, I didn’t savour them because I thought I was missing something or I always wanted more, that is, I hadn’t achieved that Success!

I started asking myself about life and its purpose:
What am I doing here?
How come I don’t feel fulfilled?
How come I don’t feel successful?
The answers were inside me and, in a moment of complete immersion during an intensive course in London, I realised that is not the outside world that is going to fulfil me as a Person!
It’s not the material things that are going to give me Fulfilment that I long sought for!

Then I clearly understood the following:  

One need only think about the number of people who have everything, like good cars, good homes, a lot of money, and, however, seem empty inside!

I have learned and felt that the reason for anyone’s success is the mentality! And that the reason for any business’ success is the entrepreneur’s mentality. There is no other reason!

I realised I have created some businesses for the wrong reasons and that I was fundamentally in an endless race!
Invariably I would feel the debilitating and useless stress, the stupid and castrating guilt, as well as the limiting, abnormal and exhausting procrastination!
I was in the typical white rabbit trap.
Let me explain, do you know those races where the dogs chase a mechanic white rabbit?
Do the dogs catch the rabbit? Never! It’s the game rules!
We – entrepreneurs/business people – are the dogs that are chasing the rabbits (success)!
It’s an endless race! Because you will always want more! And even if the dog catches the rabbit, it’s more likely for the dog to be electrocuted!
In this 3D virtual reality we call LIFE, that electric shock can translate into a serious illness, the end of a relationship, or an accident!

Faced with this insight that filled my soul, I started a personal transformation program.
I began practicing daily habits I didn’t have and implementing new business strategies in companies!
The results didn’t take long to turn up, after a few weeks I already felt a completely different person, with a different life vision, calmer and more focused!

The real running of the world, the meaning of money, the secrets to learn anything faster, how to control and master my emotions, how to master my relationships (with myself, with time, with God, with my wife), mastering my psychology and programming my mind, are just some examples of awareness that changed my way of living!

In this transformation, I discovered other powerful personal development techniques, like scientific-oriented meditation, where I learned how we can conquer what we want, be it health or life goals, through our thoughts, emotions, and daily actions!

As my intention was to work in an area where I could help people succeed, I had to meet the number 1 in the matter – Mr. Tony Robbins! And then it happened.
Besides signing up to the coaching course in the only Tony Robbins official school, I also attended a transformation event in London, where I had one of the most amazing and outstanding experiences of my life, that included walking over fire, with flames above 200ºC. There, I became a “Firewalker”!

But what are the results of all of this?
Well, I confess it is not easy to list once there are too many and that to me the sweetest part is the journey I’m making! And that you can do too!

However, the main results I had are the following:
        Knowing what I want in life;
        Waking up happy and early every day, currently at 6 am;
        Knowing my life’s purpose;
        Knowing how to program my mind;
        Knowing the Strategies to transform any business into a success!
        Feeling good about myself;
        Having energy and joy all day, to work, pick up the kids, date, write, read…
        Knowing how to focus;
        Knowing how to be authentic!
        Knowing that with my inner world I run the outside world;
        Being sure God exists;
        Calming the heart and always being full of love;
        It’s easy to give to others when you have too much (love, gratitude, compassion, friendship, and        
        Knowing how to focus on infinite possibilities!
        Mastering my psychology and program it to win and be happy;
        Living by my standards and for my mission;
        Having daily ritual habits what empower me;
        Knowing how to calm the mind;
        Knowing how to meditate with intention;
        Being calm;
        Knowing how to eliminate limiting beliefs;
        … amongst other things.

To change or create something in our life we have to make decisions.
That is what changed my life in many moments and particularly in the one I mentioned above.
After making your decision, and to make it last it is necessary to perform different actions every day until it is a habit!

Therefore, make the decision to run your life!
Fall in love and have fun with it!

Raul Gomes